Mickael and Gabriel

After a terrible earthquake, the vegetation grows again slowly
showing us that Life goes on
Only a few months after a terrible fire, the black trees are suddenly
covered with bright green moss
After the terrible storm, the sun shines again
No-one will forget the earthquake, the fire, or the storm
as we will never forget our Mickael and our ti-bonhomme Gabriel
Yes you are still with us as lively as ever
You show us the way toward the light
You who loved so much Life, You who knew so well how to laugh
No you do not want us to be sad forever after
You want us to see the beautiful world we live in
So Yes, we must open our eyes and tear apart the grey veil
we are wearing for so long

So long? Is 5 years so long ago?
Was it not Yesterday when you neatly place Papy's sleepers close to the bed
When you turned our light off and wish us Good night
after a huge and so so nice sloppy kiss?
Was it not yesterday when we talked about your beautiful trip to France
mon Mickael?
We talked for more than an hour...

Our little princess is in Paris today and you are both with her as always
Thanks God! She is starting to enjoy her second life
and for us this is a great relief knowing alas that sorrow will always be there too
Oh yes she has learnt to bear the pain, learn to live with it
So be it, if she also has moments of pure joy

We miss you my boys and despite the years our heart is torn
No never shall we be able to say good bye
so while we wait, Remember that we love you both so so much
And yes! Chased the clouds so we can see the sun mon Mickael
And you mon ti-Gabriel send shooting stars in Paris sky
so your Mummy can see them

A bientot les enfants

Last revised in July 2014
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