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New year resolutions


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    Many have made a list of their resolutions for 2021. Mine are to try to make a better world. I watched a beautiful movie last night 'Pay it back' where an amazing teacher gave a challenging essay to his 12 years old students: 'How can you concretely change the world?' and Trevor jumped on the opportunity creating a system to do a very good deed to three persons who must do the same to three other persons. What a refreshing and revolutionary idea! But it is only a movie... Nevertheless, I will try to do something very good to 3 persons. As Trevor warned, it will require some efforts as it may not be an easy task; this however does not mean that we should not help carrying an old lady's grocery bag or help her to cross the road; but it has to be something very significant that can change the life of a person.
    Will you try this too?
    It seems so simple to change the world if we are willing to do it.

    I also decide not to eat meat 2 days a week and because we have our main meal at lunch time, all our dinners are now vegetarian; no not Vegan, first I do not want to force my soul-mate who does not like the idea and certainly needs a very balanced diet. I also know that 2 days a week is not much but I truly believe that every little bit counts.
    And yes I keep using only two sheets of toilet paper as much as possible and as I am a very heavy reader, for many months I have been taking advantage of our beautiful library so I do not buy anymore books
    Voila!!! again it is not much but let us hope that my resolutions will not be only great ideas...and let me know what are yours I would be delighted to know them.


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Enjoy Yes Yes !!!
Have a beautiful day and see you next week

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